Thermal CTP Plate

        Possess technical patent
        Evenly surface and special light blue color
        High impression: 100,000 prints 


 1. Good compatibility (similar with Kodak plate):
Match with most popular plate making machines (like Screen, Corn, Amsky, Kodak, Heidelberg etc.),

processor and develop solution in market.
2. Stable quality:
Imported coating, transport and production strictly control
3. Promised Delivery Time:
8 printing plates, production line / fully automatic production line / China Coastal Plates base
4. Professional service:
OEM Labels, Pallets design, Container packing drawing etc., save cost & protect plates
5. Free sample supply
6. Online technical support:

Any problem, we will coordinate our engineers to help you solve the problem via e-mail/Tel/Video.

   Technical specification   


Plate Type Positive thermal  CTP plate
Application Medium for sheet fed, web offset press
Substrate Electro-chemically grained and anodized aluminum
Gauge 0.15, 0.20,0.25, 0.30, 0.40 mm
Maximum short grain width 1320 mm
Spectral sensitivity 800-850nm
Laser energy required 120 mJ/cm2- 160 mJ/cm2
Resolution 1% to 99% @ 200lpi.
FM capability 20 micron stochastic.
Processing 23°C/30 seconds
Run length 100,000 impressions unbaked, over
500,000 impressions baked.
Actual run length may vary according to press/paper/ink conditions





   CTcP plate making process  





   Parameter with CTcP Plate Developer  


Product Tem.(°C) Time(Seconds) Recommended Parameters
Positive Thermal
CTP Plate
25--27 25--30 25°C 30sec


   Parameter with CTcP Plate Developer