Why Process color cmyk

Process color is mixed by different percentage of C,M,Y,K color,so it would be more
reasonable to be called mixed color. C,M,Y,K four colors are normally adopted as
printing process color.Four color have its own colour palette when printing, and color
dot is recorded on it.The dots are generated by halftone screen and we get the defined
process color by combining the four color palette. Other process color are generated by
changing dot size and space between them. Actually,four printing color exists separately
on paper and looks similar. And cause limited human eye resolution, we could not tell.
What we see is a mixture of different colors, and thus various process color generated.


Y,M,C could be mixed to achieve almost any color, but we need black ink still, cause Y,M,C
mixed black is not pure enough,so we need the most pure black. Besides, if we produce black
ink by mix the other three color, it would appear partial  redundancy issue.
C,M,Y,K : are four basic color in printing.
C: cyan M:magenta Y: yellow K: black
In practical printing, cyan, magenta and yellow could be mixed as brownness at most, and that
 is why we make extra black.
Black is used to emphasis shadow key and intensify dark parts.
When take words and black spot as principal thing, printing color sequence is normally cyan,
magenta, yellow and last black. If main part is black words and yellow spot printing, yellow
printing should be the last part.
The printing sequence should be from dark to light, like four color CMYK, first K, second C,
third M and the last Y.


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