HQ-PT series plate processors

HQ-PT series plate processors

1.Technical Specifications




Processor plate

CTP plate

Plate width (max)



Plate width (min)


Plate length (min)




Enterance/exit height


Dev time

10s- 60s

Processing speed

38 - 228cm/min

Dev. temp


Dry temp.

40C~ 60C

Dev repl.

Area repl.



Time repl.


Brush speed


Dev tank volume



Dev cool

special cooling system


Single phase 220V 50HZ 4KW(max)

2.Our Products:

HQ-PT series plate processors are our newly designed CTP processing equipment; these 

machines are integrated with foreign advanced ideas and technique, have reasonable structure 

and are made by excellent production process and material. In September of 2009, the plate 

processor had passed the inspection of a national printing machinery quality supervision and 

inspection center, and had be the leading role compared with similar products. 

They are the highly automated machines with wide tolerance of processing control adjustment and 

wide application range. They are not only the machines, but also the excellent experience 

we present to you.

Processing feature:
Continuous speed-adjust immersed roller. Developing, washing, gumming and gathering can be done by one time.
Easy operation:
Large intuitive display and six key operation for displaying processor functions and status. Friendly operation system is easy to learn.
Advanced control system:
Independent electric and software control system, microprocessor-controlled operation and the setting of 3 sets processing programs is convenient for setting technical data and fitting different plates. Develop temperature control system is comprised of heating tube, cooling system, temperature sensor and circulation pump, ensured the develop temperature is within +-0.3C. Continuous speed-adjust system, ensure a precise and uniformitarian speed.
Solution management:
Configurable developer is replenished according to the actual size of plate. Also it can maintain the activity of developer for long time, farthest ensuring the best processing quality.
Excellent processing quality:
Big capacities of developing tank, continuous speed-adjust immersed roller, acid and alkali resistance roller can ensure the stable and excellent processing quality. Furthermore, machine will be equipped with different rigidity and material brush according to the plate customer chooses for ensuring the clear dot.
Energy-saving design: Energy-saving sleep mode, with periodic roller movement;double-way and double-loop high efficient drying system; automatic gum callback system.
Optional upgrade function:
Conductive transducer integrated with sensitive probe, value visible through display. Change relevant communication interface, attach with CTP, stacker can get an integrated system of automatic plate making, processing and stacking.
Product safety:
Equipped with emergency stop switch, drying over-heat protection system, lack and over-low solution alarming system, enclosed protection system of mechanical transmission. And safe marks are sticked on all important pants.
Convenient maintenance:Inside parts like roller,brush,guide,anti-oxygen cover can be easily disassembled bled for cleaning and maintenance.